University Archaeology UK represents the departments of Archaeology in UK universities

Archaeology provides a unique perspective on the human past, on what it is to be human. As the only subject that deals with the entire human past in all its temporal and spatial dimensions, it is fundamental to our understanding of how we evolved, how our societies came into being, and how they changed over time.

University Archaeology Day 

The 2020 University Archaeology Day will be held on Thursday 22 October online.

The event is designed for prospective students, teachers and parents to learn about the many degree programmes on offer across the UK, to discover the huge range of career opportunities that an archaeology degree can lead to, and to hear about some of the latest archaeological research.

There will be a full programme of talks and activities covering application tips, careers advice, and a wide range of archaeological topics including some of the latest finds and cutting-edge research.

Find out more via the University Archaeology day website and Facebook page..


Photographer Alastair Fyfe, © The British Academy